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Nick Olivero's Mondo Generator - Best Of

  by Paul Waller

published: 25 / 2 / 2017

Nick Olivero's Mondo Generator - Best Of
Label: Heavy Psych Sounds
Format: CD


Ex-Queens of the Stone Age multi-instrumentalist Nick Oliveri stuns with killer track after killer track delivering a ‘best of’ compilation worthy of its name

Having never heard Mondo Generator’s studio work before at all, I am taking this initial shot, the ‘Best Of’ no less, as just a regular album to review. And whilst the first run through was a fuzzy Americana fuelled stoner rock brick to the head, leaving me nonplussed if a little bit dizzy; further listens have truly won me over. You know that lazy journalistic expression, rip-roaring. It’s rather apt here. Whether it’s the lightweight but infectious indie rocking guitar stabs of 'Detroit' or the thunderous riff that opens ‘Like You Want’ this set of songs explode and fizzle throughout the massive track listing. My favourite here is ‘So High’. It’s a song that is over ten years old but feels vital and relevant; it’s a god damning rock monster with a chorus to die for too. I am kicking myself for not hearing this sooner. It could have been an anthem for my youth. The only issue I can find here is with the aforementioned massive track listing. There are so many songs to contend with that the album feels overlong and not as concise as a full length should be. This may be fine for a Spotify playlist but when I put an album on and I love that album I would rather spin it again straight away than put it away thinking that’s enough of that for today. It’s a minor gripe though from an otherwise surprisingly killer album.

Track Listing:-
1 13th Floor
2 F.Y.I.F.
3 Sonicslowmotiontrails
4 Like the Sky
5 Dog Food
6 Smashed Apart
7 The Last Train
8 So High
9 Simple Exploding Man
10 Four Corners
11 Dead Silence
12 I Never Sleep
13 Shawnette Jackson
14 Detroit
15 Lie Detector
16 Take Me Away
17 Like You Want
18 Sleep the Lie Away
19 Turbonegro Must be Destroyed
20 All the Way Down
21 Paper Thin

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