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Hans Chew - Unknown Sire

  by Steve Kinrade

published: 8 / 11 / 2016

Hans Chew - Unknown Sire
Label: Divide by Zero
Format: CD


Accomplished third album from New York-based singer-songwriter and pianist, Hans Chew

Hans Chew is an American pianist originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, but is now based in New York City. Recognition was first gained for his ragtime piano to the late acoustic guitarist Jack Rose on his solo albums, 'The Black Dirt Sessions' and 'Luck in the Valley'. In 2010, Hans Chew released his debut solo album 'Tennessee & Other Stories', which was praised by British rock magazine 'Uncut' as one of Best Albums of 2010. This was followed by 2014’s 'Life and Love', and now Hans Chew presents this year’s 'Unknown Sire'. The album kicks off smartly with the robust piano driven 'Easy Money', which is right on the money in successfully evoking the atmosphere of a smoky, bourbon fuelled Tennessee bar. 'Tell Me' and 'Oh Where' continues the same southern theme, with a lovely plaintive vocals. 'Early Light Waltz' changes the approach stylistically; it is an interesting tune in 6/8, which, for older readers, is strangely reminiscent of one of Guildford’s Men In Black’s finest. 'The Sign' sees the introduction of a synth, which, at first hearing is slightly jarring, given the sonic palette that comes before it, but is actually a production master-stroke, as it enables the song into a fading hypnotic drive. The remaining tracks hint at a whole spectrum of influences and genres, all wrapped up in quality musicianship and a sun-soaked southern sensibility. This is a highly enjoyable musical offering, which maintains the listener's interest with ease. The obvious strengths of the album lie in that evocation of the American Deep South. Less successful is the talented Chew’s forays into musical areas that he seems not so comfortable with. Or at least, not for the moment.

Track Listing:-
1 Easy Money
2 Tell Me
3 Early Light Waltz
4 Oh Where
5 My Heart Will Overflow
6 No Existe
7 Everything
8 Proof
9 The Sign
10 I Don't Know Maybe

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