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Dodson and Fogg - Walk On

  by Malcolm Carter

published: 3 / 7 / 2016

Dodson and Fogg - Walk On
Label: Wisdom Twin Records
Format: CD


Chris Wade is back with the tenth album under his Dodson and Fogg project, which again finds him breaking new ground and is up there with his best

Earlier this year we spoke to Dodson & Fogg creator Chris Wade about his then current album ‘Roaming’ and he revealed that he had already completed the follow up. By now we’ve come to expect multiple releases every year from Wade, but having his next album ready to ship while his current one was still fresh and attracting attention was pushing it even from the prolific Wade. So what’s that? Ten albums since 2012 and that’s not including an album of out-takes that outshone many of Wade’s contemporaries' finished efforts and the numerous side projects that he has been involved in, not only in making music but also as an author. That means that ‘Walk On’ has got to be below par surely; this time Wade has handled all the sounds except for the reappearance of Colin Jones on trumpet and there’s fourteen new songs on the album; even given his past achievements he’s got to be bordering on some kind of superhuman to turn in another set of songs so quickly that could come anywhere close to the innovative way Wade has blended the past with his own unique musical vision that has graced his previous albums and made them so special. But not only has Wade created yet another fine album he’s opened it with one of his most beautiful songs. ‘She Watches the Birds’ is pure Chris Wade. Birdsong gives way to acoustic guitar then Wade’s lysergic vocals float over one of his most interesting melodies. It’s a captivating, autumnal start to the album, Wade’s vocals, which can sometimes be buried a little too deep in the mix, are to the fore taking the attention away from his excellent guitar skills and it’s immediately obvious that the man has done it again. We should know by now that Wade doesn’t disappoint but seriously, after ten-plus albums in less than five years, he’s allowed a little dip in quality but it never happens. The odd thing about Wade (apart from that superhuman ability to be able to create music, write books, run an amusing website and do the weekly shopping in his sleep) is that while his distinctive vocals (every summer is soundtracked by a Dodson & Fogg album now) and equally unique guitar playing informs every album he’s involved in there’s always the feeling that we are hearing him for the first time. A Dodson & Fogg album, despite bearing all the hallmarks of Chris Wade, always sounds fresh; think of any distinctive vocalist, Dylan, Neil Young for example, we know what to expect vocally with every album but still each release fills us with excitement as we’re never sure where that voice is going to take us with any particular album, and so it is with Wade. Plus Wade is hardly a non-singer, while his sleepy, laid-back vocals might be alien to some it’s not long before his melodies and instrumental skills draw you in. And once that voice gets into your head it’s hard not to go along on the journey. There are always a few surprises on each Dodson & Fogg album. While Wade knows how to hold onto the audience that has been there from the beginning, he’s forever throwing in a few unexpected touches on each album. ‘Their Eyes’ throws up a darker side to Wade’s music. There’s some funky little bass flowing through the song, an almost sinister touch to his vocals, Colin Jones' eerie trumpet adding to the overall jazzy, unsettling feeling. Ten albums in and Wade is still exploring new avenues. Wade follows that song with ‘I’m Loving You Still’, which matches that opening track in its beauty. It’s a glorious, late summer afternoon love song, highlighting not only Wade’s outstanding talent on the guitar but also how adept he is at arranging his vocals these days. His harmonies, not only on this track but also on many songs on ‘Walk On’, are simply beautiful. It’s getting almost frustrating; here’s a musician making music for all the right reasons and who actually has oceans of talent who should be a household name by now. A lesser person would have given up by now, as a song as affecting and beautiful as ‘I’m Loving You Still’ should be play- listed on any discerning radio station. It needs to be heard, not tucked away halfway through an album that will criminally pass by so many. Wade takes a walk down a country lane on ‘Feel It Now’. Every sound on this 70s influenced country/rock song is made by Wade to remember. Maybe he should have promoted it as a long lost song by one of the more respected country/rock bands and watch it fly. ‘Becoming’ is a piano-based instrumental, Wade again displaying his musical skills on this almost classical piece which should disrupt the flow of a Dodson & Fogg album but only adds to the enjoyment. Wade being Wade, he follows the song with ‘Grab Your Soul’ a chugging rocker that owes a little debt to Crazy Horse and demands to be listened to on headphones even if only for the vocals. Is there no end to this man’s talents? If you’ve been missing Young and Crazy Horse then shell out for this album, it’s worth the price you can pick it up for on Wade’s website (http://wisdomtwinsbooks.weebly.com/dodson-and-fogg-cds.html) for this song alone. ‘Ruptured’ is one of Wade’s more experimental pieces, who does on it his one-man Pink Floyd bit. It’s a brooding, intense soundscape which explodes into a searing guitar solo, showcasing once again just what a superb guitarist Wade is. It’s another timeless instrumental that transcends genres. ‘Walk On’ is yet another excellent album from Chris Wade. The album closes with the title track complete with more stunning guitar work from Wade again raising the question of why he isn’t on the front page of the major music monthlies. Wade is past the prog/folk/rock/psych descriptions; it’s about time he was recognized and celebrated for what he is; the best multi-instrumentalist and most innovative musician to come from the UK in years. Try forcing this one from my hands this summer.

Track Listing:-
1 She Watches the Birds
2 In the Land of Fools
3 Keep It in Mind
4 It Can Easily Go Wrong
5 No One On the Phone
6 Their Eyes
7 I'm Loving You Still
8 It Feels Like a Dream
9 Feel It Now
10 Becoming
11 Grab Your Soul
12 You Stole This Land (Now Give It Back)
13 Ruptured
14 Walk On

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