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Love Buzzard - Antifistamines

  by Paul Waller

published: 25 / 3 / 2016

Love Buzzard - Antifistamines
Label: 1-2-3-4 Records
Format: CD


English lo-fi garage rock duo the Love Buzzards launch themselves into oblivion with their kick ass debut full length

The concept behind the Love Buzzards is a relatively simple and common one. A two piece is easier to take on tour around the UK toilet circuit. Drums and guitar can make an almighty racket when a decent fuzz pedal is utilized, and finally having only two members means less compromise and less people to split the cash between. When done right it’s a killer combination. All this wouldn’t matter though if the actual songs on ‘Antifistamines’ weren’t up to scratch. Thankfully from beginning to end there is enough snotty punk attitude pumping within the framework of late 60's garage rock that the listener can’t help but get fired up. Tracks such as the flaming hot ‘Superglue’ or the frenzied opener ‘Cash’ leave you drained just listening to them at home. Imagine what it’s like live and in your face. Catch them before they explode.

Track Listing:-
1 Cash
2 Headrush
3 Beams
4 Creep and Crawl
5 Passion
6 Superglue
7 Wild
8 Give It Some Range
9 Heaven's Got an Electric Fence
10 Origins
11 Antifistamines
12 Lines
13 Tower

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