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Climat - Iccopoc Papillon

  by Paul Waller

published: 5 / 2 / 2016

Climat - Iccopoc Papillon
Label: Code 7
Format: CD


Instrumental rock on full-length second album from technical and eclectic French band, Climat

French five-piece Climat have put together a somewhat beautifully understated full=length album here to remind us why we fell in love with instrumental rock in the first place. Opener ‘Surpiqure Orange’ is a near perfect amalgamation of the very best indie rock and post rock has to offer, blended into a four minute pop romp. Not only that but Climat love to dabble in math rock too; ‘Pieces Detachees’ is clear proof of that. So technical prowess is another bow feathered into their caps along with the odd flourish of Americana in the likes of ‘Correspondance Anonyme’. With all these styles bouncing off one another, the most surprising aspect of this sophomore effort is that it all fits together so well. Maybe during the first listen it’s all a bit overwhelming, but how it works so well by play number two is anyone’s guess. By all rights any album this eclectic should be an utter mess. The only problem I found is that sometimes the reverb drenched swathes of guitar fail to convey the potential bombast in songs such as album closer ‘Bird Color Inside’. The fantastically gentle trip that leads to the all too obvious crashing wall of noise three quarters into the song is wasted when the guitars could use some real crunch to hammer home the dynamic juxtaposition. But I’m nitpicking. This is an exciting and solid second album. ArcTanGent Festival...Are you listening?

Track Listing:-
1 Surpiqûre orange
2 Cactus 173
3 Malabar
4 Clmt seg. 7
5 Correspondance anonyme
6 Pièces détachées
7 Barracuda
8 Promis, demain j'arrête
9 Clmt seg. 5
10 Bird color inside

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