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Delta Jacks - Trouble Ahead

  by Malcolm Carter

published: 5 / 2 / 2016

Delta Jacks - Trouble Ahead
Label: Shock ‘n Roll
Format: CD


Fantastic debut album from South Essex band the Delta Jacks who deliver much more than all their roots-rock and country-punk labelling indicates

The Delta Jacks come from South Essex, which also gave us Dr Feelgood, Eddie & The Hot Rods the Lucky Strikes. The band was formed in 2011 and has built up quite a following mainly due to the live gigs they have played throughout London and the interest gained from their sole self-titled EP released in 2013. Labelled as being part of the UK Americana circuit and with their music being described variously as roots-rock, punk-flavoured hillbilly or country punk, which are not too far off the mark at times, doesn’t really, however, do the sound this four-piece make justice. While they can be no argument that the Delta Jacks could fit into any one of those overlapping genres, it’s unfair to try to stick a label on the music they create because, in many ways, they are taking elements of all of the above and really producing their own unique sound. The band feature Ryan Bradshaw who takes the lead vocals, harmonica and some guitar, drummer Dominic Bauers, bassist Greg Beager who also handles the keyboards and Trevor Reeves who adds lead guitar, banjo and mandolin. And there you have it; a band that are not averse to rocking out, have an emotive lead vocalist who can seemingly handle any type of song (‘Blackened Heart Blues’ which shows that the band can handle more than the above tags would indicate demonstrates that Bradshaw is a very talented vocalist and that labelling his band mates as back-up singers is an insult to their talents) and who feature the banjo, harmonica and mandolin quite heavily are going to be lumped in with others who are not as adventurous as this group. The overall sound is one of a band enjoying their music, a band, not four individuals who are trying to aim for the same result but are one of those groups that are seemingly born to make music together. ‘Believe in Elvis’ is but one song that, certainly as it opens, displays that the band is capable of so much more than this pigeonholing we are all so fond of would suggest. The Delta Jacks take elements from so many different eras and fields to suggest that they are, in fact, creating music that while not totally original has enough of their own unique identity to warrant our time and interest. While there is a slickness to the resulting sound on ‘Trouble Ahead’, (no details as to who produced the album are noted on the sleeve), all the indications are there that the Delta Jacks are a band that will kick ass on stage, so while ‘Trouble Ahead’ is without a doubt the type of album that demands to be heard as you are getting ready to go out on a Friday night, actually going out to see the band live is surely the ultimate way to experience their music. Rockabilly, blues, punk, country and lashings of passion for what they are creating make ‘Trouble Ahead’ an album that’s hard to resist sitting still to.

Track Listing:-
1 Got Me On The Run
2 House of Sin
3 Alabama
4 Trouble Ahead
5 Daemon Girl
6 Teddy Bear
7 Moon And The Stars
8 Blackened Heart Blues
9 Sweet Misery
10 Believe In Elvis
11 Go Go Go

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