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Evangelist - Evangelist

  by Harry Sherriff

published: 23 / 12 / 2015

Evangelist - Evangelist
Label: Underscore Collective
Format: CD


Poignant final project from Gavin Clark whose music soundtracked all of director Shane Meadows's films, and which was completed after his sudden death in February by his UNKLE bandmates James Griffiths and Pablo Clements

I, like many others, was lucky to discover the amazing talent of Gavin Clark through the work of film director Shane Meadows. Clark’s cover of the Smiths’ 'Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want' famously concludes Meadows’ magnum opus 'This is England'. ‘The World That I Created’ darkly lures you in whilst ‘Spirit’ is one of the standouts on the album. ‘Same Hands’ is a song latter-day Noel Gallagher would give a limb for and it sounds more effortless. Despite hearing Clark’s music used to full effect alongside Meadows’ work, I hadn’t listened to Clayhill, Sunhouse or any of Gavin Clark’s music. This feels like a huge sin now that I intend to rectify but sadly I’m not in the minority. 'The Living Room' documentary that was made by Shane last year followed Clark trying to get back playing live again after struggling with anxiety. The idea behind the film is that Gavin will do a gig in his own living room to friends and family before hopefully venturing out and doing a tour in similar spaces. At one point Clark struggles to play whilst friends and family are crammed in his own living room, silentl, urging him on. I watched the film about two weeks before his death and I don’t think I’ll be able to watch it again. although I highly recommend it. It shows the love and support Shane and many others had for Gavin Clark. 'Evangelist' is a brilliant record that demands several listens. I have listened to the album three times now and each time round I come out with a different favourite track. I’m seeing new things in the songs that didn’t grab me on first or second listen. At the moment, the simplest most stripped down song, ‘Whirlwind Of Rubbish’, is my favourite. It’s the track that Meadows decided to play over the end credits of 'This Is England ’90' and you can see why. It has a quiet power to it that stays with you. Wrapped in tragic nostalgia, "The old life is over" Clark hauntingly sings.

Track Listing:-
1 The World That I Created
2 Spirit
3 Same Hands
4 I'm in Love Tonight
5 Know One Will Ever Know
6 Never Feel This Young
7 God Song
8 The Believer (I'm Never Wrong)
9 I Wanna Lift You Up
10 Whirlwind of Rubbish
11 Holy Holy

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