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Alias Kid - Revolt to Revolt

  by Tony Gaughan

published: 5 / 7 / 2015

Alias Kid - Revolt to Revolt
Label: 359 Music
Format: CD


Promising and catchy debut album from Manchester-based indie guitar act Alias Kid, who are signed to former Creation Records boss Alan McGee's new label 359 Music

Alias Kid hail from Manchester and are the latest recruits to Creation guru Alan McGee's new 359 imprint. There is definitely no pressure on this lot then, eh? In fairness they have made a decent attempt at producing a pretty good debut with 'Revolt to Revolt' which the band chose to record in Alan's hometown of Glasgow. Revolt opens with the clearly catchy 'Dirty Soul', and by the opening chimes of the very next track 'Revolution Sometimes' it's pretty clear McGee has not lost his midas touch. 'Zara Henna' follows and again is a three minute pop classic with a super catchy chorus. The same follows on the next track and possibly the strongest song of the bunch 'Smoke and Ashes'. this is begining to sound like a sure fire winner on the strength of every song, upon which lead vocal duties split between vocalist Maz Behdjet and lead guitarist Sean O'Donnell. There is clear evidence that these Mancs have been influenced by most of their new boss's previous successes. That is no bad thing if they can emulate the sales or notoriety of these influences. 'Shot Through', for example, sounds Oasis- influenced as does the acoustic lead track 'All Over Now'. This debut may be short in length at just 33 minutes, but certainly shows plenty of promise.

Track Listing:-
1 Dirty Soul
2 Revolution Sometime
3 Zara Henna
4 Smoke and Ashes
5 Messiah
6 Shot Through
7 She Don't Yeah Yeah Yeah
8 All over Now
9 Never Negotiate
10 Wheels

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