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Junction - Hardcore Summer Hits

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 19 / 6 / 2015

Junction - Hardcore Summer Hits
Label: Dischi Soviet Studio
Format: CD


Latest album from Italian band the Junction which is so retrospective that it could have been released in the 1990s

The Junction are a three-piece that think by playing loud punk-infused rock, that they are doing something fresh! 'Hardcore Summer Hits' is a loud title for an average album, but it has its moments. 'Corner', which opens it, is an abrasive number with shouty Green Day Vocals, powerhouse drums and choppy guitars which desperately tries to keep the spirit of 1977 alive. 'You and I' is as fast and as edgy as Ash, whom also have a new album out. Does anyone still care though? A complete punk rewrite via the 90s, 'Robert Johnson', however, is furiously catchy, a head bopper with power chords a plenty, and hit single written all over it. 'Get It Now' is another slap in the face, a song with a place to go and, with Green Day's anger relocated, is punky, gritty and real. 'Give Me a Call' is like very early Nirvana, reinventing themselves as angry young men with a message. 'Farm' is much slower and more reflective. 'You Look Younger When You're Drunk' is like most of the other tracks fast, but also adds some depth with some fine acoustic guitar. 'One More' finds them returning to their usual retrospective sound. 'Got Home' is a slow stroll, refreshing for its different delivery. 'Don't Listen, Be Kind' finds them running into the hills at a million miles per hour. 'Kim Gordon', which is not really about the Sonic Youth bassist, is a sonic fusion of loudness not worthy of her name. 'Remember That' starts off slow, ends up fast, but really, while there are a few strong moments, this album is thirty-two minutes of my time that I won't get back...

Track Listing:-
1 Corner
2 You and I
3 Robert Jordan
4 Get It Now
5 Give Me a Call
6 Farm
7 You Look Younger When You're Drunk [Explicit]
8 One More!
9 Got Home
10 Don't Listen - Be Kind
11 Kim Gordon (Not About Her)
12 Remember That

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