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Wet Dog - Brixton Electric, London, 24/4/2015

  by Dastardly

published: 21 / 5 / 2015

Wet Dog - Brixton Electric, London, 24/4/2015


Dastardly watches Wetdog reward the earlycomers in a support slot to The Fall at the Brixton Electric in London

"In divi-eene ti-ee-i-imes...," sings Wetdog singer Becca Gillieron while deep bass tones rumble around the heavily laden stage. ‘Divine Times’ is the haunting title track from Wetdog’s new third album, and tonight they’ve lucked out and bagged a support slot with legends The Fall. They’re on first which means effectively performing in the middle of a random second hand music store that will gradually empty as the night progresses. Hence the opening track finds the band doing a bit of ahem, ‘shopping’ - drummer Sarah Datblygu is out front trying out a keyboard while bass player Billy Easter is punching out a rhythm on the drums not unlike Joy Division’s ‘Colony’. There’s nothing in the way of the aesthetic though as Wetdog prove they’re the kind of band who could happily perform a gig if you left them alone in a kitchen armed only with the surrounding equipment as instruments...Morecambe & Wise style! It’s been a few years since they’ve brought their stripped down tribal art pop to a stage. Love and geography, or to be more specific the Atlantic Ocean, have kept the band at bay, and word has it that it might be a while before we see them again. Accordingly the gig is charged with a celebratory, all or nothing vibe and a greatest hits set to match – 'Wymmin’s Final', 'Jane Bowles', 'Steal a Car' and 'Lower Leg' all bounce around the crowd fast filling up the Electric Brixton. These are great pop songs, owing as much to the Dadas as The Slits and deceptive in their simplicity - plus Becca’s got the coolest shaped guitar since Bo Diddley decided it was hip to be square. Bands on first on nights like this are often nothing more than a sideways glance away from the bar, a friend’s conversation or the merch stall. It’s fitting then that this audience are visibly warming to the performance unfolding before them. Wetdog have captured the moment tonight, and as a final parting shot give it back to us in a perfectly timed snapshot at the end. For the last song Billy is back on drums. As the song winds down to its conclusion, she anticipates the finish and thrusts both arms up into the air, sticks pointed inwards in classic AC/DC style, and a smile erupts over everyone in the venue as we all acknowledge the simple perfect timing of this last gesture. Whatever it is, Wetdog have won it!

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