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Various - Rock! Wreck! And Rule

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 4 / 5 / 2015

Various - Rock! Wreck! And Rule
Label: Cherry Red Records
Format: CD X2


Fantastic double CD compilation which provides an informative history into the psychobilly genre

'Rock, Wreck and Rule' is a compilation album put together by Cherry Red Records, which showcases some of its most prominent artists alongside some of the lesser known artists that come under the psychobilly umbrella. The aim is to celebrate the genre and hopefully introduce it to some potential new fans along the way. It features forty songs handpicked from the vaults of such labels as Nervous Records, Raucous Records and Link Records among other well-known labels of the psychobilly fraternity. For those uninitiated psychobilly is a derivative of rockabilly music, but, which despite its clacking double basses and 50’s-inspired guitar work, leans more towards punk rock. Thematically it is littered with references to horror movies, and involves a lot of blood and gore. To put it plainly you'd be very unlikely to find references to guys taking their girls out on dates and talking of love, but you will find plenty of references to cutting these said partners up and burying them. It’s all darkly humorous and very playful. A hefty chunk of the tracks hail from the mid-late 1980's ,which was when the genre really kicked off with British band the Meteors being at the forefront of the movement. Two of their best known tunes 'Mutant Rock' and 'Go Buddy Go', appear on the album. Along with these, P. Paul Fenech also features with a solo song, ‘Daddy’s Hammer’. Many of the other big hitters of the time, such as Guana Batz, King Kurt and Demented Are Go , most featuring more than once, appear throughout the double disc album and deservedly so. The album also boasts liner notes provided by Craig Brackenridge which are well worth reading. A connoisseur of all things psychobilly, Brackenridge has released several books about the scene and his contributions gives a good insight into the bands featured on the album . While the genre is somewhat limited, one is given a good taster of the punkier/harder side of the psychobilly movement and bands such as Demented Are Go, Nekromantics and Frenzy alongside more traditional rockabilly bands such as the Deltas, the Sharks and the Stage Frite . 'Rock, Wreck and Rule' is a really enjoyable compilation for those interested in the psychobilly genre. There might not be a lot on here that the avid fan doesn't already own, but stick this on at the right party and you'll be sure to get the brothel creepers tapping and the quiffs nodding.

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