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Art Nikels - Primitives EP

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 12 / 4 / 2015

Art Nikels - Primitives EP
Label: Art Nikels
Format: CDS


Cliched and self-satisfied debut EP from Oakland-based indie outfit, Art Nikels

Motionless, clueless but most importantly of all talentless, Art Nikels babble on for minutes before you'll hear anything remotely original. Then next you have to hold your breath for at least another seven minutes. A little too self-satisfied for my taste, the Californian group use ubiquitous effects to no further avail. They make video music without genuine purpose; though 'Visitor' perhaps will prove some sort of a classic when time comes. Ringing acoustic chords plus mind-wandering echoes will probably get them filed next to Ariel Pink. While they are too caught up in navel-staring, a market for this type of music probably must exist somewhere. Worn copy stuff that has been polished, it veers towards minimalism yet the album goes on and on with its flat nasal vocals, noodling guitars and dire tunes. This could all of course be on purpose, and be nausea in style. Somehow all facets in boredom fall in space, yet never in the right ones.

Track Listing:-
1 Hesitation Makes
2 People Loving Sauce
3 Red Red Wood
4 Barbara Moss
5 Hue
6 Visitor
7 Whipped Cream

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