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Dancing Mice - Quiz Culture

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 12 / 4 / 2015

Dancing Mice - Quiz Culture
Label: Squeak Audio
Format: CD


Understated yet poetic and compelling sixth album from Edinburgh-based band, Dancing Mice

Dancing Mice, who are stylish Scotsmen from Edinburgh, have crafted with 'Quiz Culture' an album which combines melody with poetic lyrics. It has been set to music with great knowledge of, and insight into, the elegance of what has become known as quintessential British eccentricity. Though 'Red Star' may be a strumming guitar protest against just that, 'Heaven and Hell' then dissolves any doubts that we could have had there. Religious undertones come to the rescue here which, however, make the music sounds even greater still. Seemingly odd patterns slowly start to make sense now, such as on the excellent 'North Star' for example. The intrinsic beauty and the poetry, which is hidden beneath a tarnish of soft-toned post new wave, come to full effect on 'Hide and Seek' - another highlight on 'Quiz Culture', an album with no lowpoints. On 'Twinkle' it sounds as if monks in retreat were chanting after congregation when the church organ began to reverberate in an eerie fashion. Subdued at the start, 'Quiz Culture' comes to a sparkling close on 'Helen and Paris', a lovely Valentine banjo tune, with a subtle brass arrangement Don't hesitate to play 'Quiz Culture' very loud. The arrangements are in perfect balance. It will upset the neighbours. Pleasantly. It is an album which breathes empathy and fully deserves your sympathy.

Track Listing:-
1 Eleanor
2 The Backroom Boys
3 Broken Road
4 Red Star
5 Heaven and Hell
6 North Star
7 Marine Lullaby
8 Love Still Burns
9 Just Close Friends
10 Hide and Seek
11 Twinkle
12 Helen and Paris

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