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Luke Tuchscherer - You Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense

  by Nick Dent-Robinson

published: 14 / 11 / 2014

Luke Tuchscherer - You Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense
Label: Little Red Recording Company
Format: CD


Dark but diverse Charles Bukowksi-inspired debut solo album from Whybirds’ drummer –turned-vocalist and guitarist, Luke Tuchscherer

Luke Tuchscherer is the accomplished singer, drummer and songwriter of the widely-acclaimed Whybirds. For his debut solo album Luke has picked up an acoustic guitar and written and performed some raw, poignant and highly personal tracks. Influenced by Charles Bukowski's searingly powerful book of the same name, ‘You Get So AloneThat It Just Makes Sense' is an album that's not intended to be an especially light or easy listen! Luke acknowledges the dark themes running through the record – though there are a few slightly cheerier tracks, too. Luke says he and talented producer Tom Peters were aiming for a “dusty and natural” sound reminiscent of Steve Earle's post-prison albums or Robert Plant's ‘Band of Joy.’ And in fact Luke's album is mastered by Jim DeMain who has worked with both Earle and Plant. To a large extent Luke Tuchscherer has succeeded in his objective – and the twelve tracks of alternative country/Americana music will have a particular resonance for anyone going through one of life's rougher patches. The eleven musicians featured on the album are all impressive, and the quality of Tom Peters' production is excellent throughout. ‘You Get So AloneThat It Just Makes Sense' certainly showcases Luke Tuchscherer's versatility and undeniable talent and it is well worth a serious listen.

Track Listing:-
1 Lord Knows I'm a Bad Man
2 When Day Is Done
3 Three Long Days
4 One of Us
5 Hold On
6 I Don't Need You to Tell Me
7 Women
8 To Make It Worse I'm Falling in Lo
9 You Don't Know Me
10 Two Ships (Caroline Please)
11 Dear Samantha
12 Darling, It's Just Too Hard To Lov

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