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Robben Ford - Live at Rockpalast

  by Carl Bookstein

published: 14 / 11 / 2014

Robben Ford - Live at Rockpalast
Label: Repertoire Records
Format: CD X2


Accomplished blues/jazz rock on double CD/DVD from much acclaimed guitarist Robben Ford, which was recorded for the German TV series ‘Live at Rockpalast’ at two gigs in in 1998 and 2007

A stand out, accomplished guitar talent, Robben Ford is schooled in the blues as well as jazz. Robben Ford’s ‘Live at Rockpalast’ is a collection of two German concerts from 1998 and 2007 on one DVD and two CDs. The second show from Leverkusen in 2007 is presented first, showcasing stellar, stinging blues guitar from the get go. Ford’s technique is both smooth and easy. The opening track ‘How Deep in the Blues (Do You Want to Go)?’ states positively, “So much to live for baby and I want to show you how.” Ford’s singing voice is pleasant, while he plays subtle epiphanies on the guitar. ‘Lateral Climb’ features a fine, intricate and wailing guitar solo early on and straight chugging blues throughout. ‘Indianola’ demonstrates further blues rock flair from Ford- a five-time Grammy award nominee, who was also named one of the 100 greatest guitarists of the 20th century by ‘Musician’ magazine. Ford has played with artists both famed and diverse from Miles Davis to Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Gregg Allman, Bonnie Raitt, John Mayall and George Harrison. ‘The Way You Treated Me (You’re Gonna Be Sorry)’ showcases distinguished rollicking bass playing and drums; along with evocative guitar work from Ford that is both down home and tasteful. ‘Riley B. King’ is an ode to legend of the blues B.B. King with lyrics that speak to King’s emotion as well as shades of darkness and light. ‘Peace on My Mind’ addresses the travails of war and the inability to make sense of problems in distant lands. Ford continues to demonstrate guitar mastery, playing inspired licks with dexterity and finesse. ‘There’ll Never Be Another You’ is the energized 2007 Rockpalast concert closer. The second set at the Leverkusen Bluesfest is from 1998 featuring Robben Ford & The Blue Line, finding Ford accompanied by stand up bass, drums and keyboards. On ‘Help the Poor’ Ford seeks love to come to his rescue: “You’re my inspiration/You could make me a king.” ‘Ain’t Got Nothin’ but the Blues’ features some rich cascading organ and keyboard work. ‘Chevrolet’ is a charge ahead blues based rocker and ‘The Miller’s Son’ pulsates with momentum and flow. ‘The Brother (for Jimmie & Stevie Ray Vaughan)’ rocks, bounces and breathes- a wide open, full on instrumental jam with Robben Ford’s guitar playing at its best- a worthy finale.

Track Listing:-
1 How Deep In The Blues(Do You Want To Go)
2 Lateral Climb
3 Indianola
4 The Way You Treated Me
5 Riley B.King
6 Don't Deny Your Love
7 Cannonball Shuffle
8 Too Much
9 Peace On My Mind
10 Lovin' Cup
11 Supernatural
12 There'll Never Be Another You
13 Lovin Cup
14 Help The Poor
15 Ain't Got Nothin But The Blues
16 Chevrolet
17 Miller's Son
18 Tired Of Talkin'
19 The Brother
20 Intro
21 How Deep In The Blues(Do You Want To Go)
22 Lateral Climb
23 Indianola
24 The Way You Treated Me
25 Riley B.King
26 Don't Deny Your Love
27 Cannonball Shuffle
28 Too Much
29 Peace On My Mind
30 Lovin' Cup
31 Supernatural
32 Interview(with Robben Ford)
33 There'll Never Be Another You
34 Intro
35 How Deep In The Blues(Do You Want To Go)
36 Lateral Climb
37 Indianola
38 The Way You Treated Me
39 The Way You Treated Me
40 Riley B.King
41 Don't Deny Your Love
42 Cannonball Shuffle
43 Too Much
44 Peace On My Mind
45 Lovin' Cup
46 Supernatural
47 Interview(with Robben Ford)
48 There'll Never Be Another You(Tracks 1-28 all on DVD format)

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