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Goat - Commune

  by Paul Waller

published: 16 / 9 / 2014

Goat - Commune
Label: Rocket Recordings
Format: CD


Solid yet sometimes uninspiring second album from Swedish alternative rockers, Goat

The new Goat album kicks off with a track entitled ‘Talk to Gods’. And those that have read the reviews that came in after ‘World Music’, the Swedes' 2012 debut release, you would think that yes, the group had a direct hot line linked up to the heavens. But, whilst ‘Commune’ is a solid follow-up it lacks the initial punch of its predecessor. Don’t get me wrong there are parts of this record I love. The tribal rhythms that play out ‘Words’ are deliciously breezy and ‘Goatchild’ is full of wonderful pop hooks. but it’s only on ‘Hide from the Sun’ where they get everything right like they did with the majority of their first release. That is the story with much of ‘Commune’; it’s like they just won’t commit fully to the crazed psychedelic experience that they deliver with their unbelievable live shows in case they don’t get taken seriously. Goat is a band that I don’t want to see mature and get too deep about, at least not yet. I want to put on a Goat record and dance around the house in my dressing gown and flip flops. I won’t give up on this one yet and as I say there are fine moments on here, It’s just that I can see them going down the same route as CSS did, and I’d hate for a band that exploded so brightly onto the music scene to slowly fade like a flare shot out at night from those lost at sea.

Track Listing:-
1 Talk to God
2 Words
3 The Light Within
4 To Travel the Path Unknown
5 Goatchild
6 Goatslaves
7 Hide from the Sun
8 Bondye
9 Gathering of Ancient Tribes

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