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Hazey Janes - Language of Faint Theory

  by Tony Gaughan

published: 1 / 7 / 2014

Hazey Janes - Language of Faint Theory
Label: Armellodie Records
Format: CD


Middle-of-the-road and over-polished fourth album from Dundee-based indie psychedelic folk act, the Hazey Janes

It had been a while since I had heard anything of indie psychedelic folk Dundonians, the Hazey Janes. 'Language of Faint Theory' is, however, their third studio release since their impressive debut album 'Hotel Radio' in 2006. It is a million miles away from their early roots. Recorded in Spain with Paco Loco (the Posies, Josh Rouse) and John Agnello (Sonic Youth, the Hold Steady), the sleeve proclaims 'Language of Faint Theory' was recorded on two inch tape and mixed down to quarter inch tape, suggesting an analogue and back-to-basics affair. Surprisingly the finished result is nothing of the sort, and is so buffed and polished and entrenched in middle-of-the-road blandness that you wonder why they bothered. 'Iwan' opens the record and, rather downbeat, seems like a strange choice of opener as it is best described as a plodder. 'The Fathom Line' appears to remedy this with its crashing guitars, but this quickly fades as the middle-of-the-road theme returns with'In Shadows Under Trees' and 'The Genesis'. This is rectified a bit with the upbeat '[I'm] Telescoping' and the title track, which definitely a grower, has a fine vocal delivery from Alice Marra. There is little doubt the 'Hazeys' have gone for a more mature direction with this release. Whether the fans of old will be impressed, I'm not so sure...

Track Listing:-
1 Iwan
2 The Fathom Line
3 All Is Forgotten
4 In Shadows Under Trees
5 If Ever There Is Gladness
6 Beyond the Heath
7 The Genesis
8 (I'm) Telescoping
9 Language of Faint Theory
10 Bellefield Moon

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