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Kilto Take - Resolute

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 16 / 12 / 2013

Kilto Take - Resolute
Label: Medical Records
Format: CD


Excellent 80’s-influenced anthemic rock from Herefordshire three-piece, Kilto Take

There seems to be an influx of bands at the moment leaning toward the 80’s sound. Whether it be the synth or the last of the new wave or even the beginning of the Madchester sound, the music industry is being flooded by the sound of that decade. Now, I don’t mind too much. After all I was brought up in that era. But here’s the deal. There aren’t, to be bluntly honest, that many bands that are actually any good at it. This Herefordshire three-piece, however, seem to be the exception to this disappointing rule. Like many of the bands today, their sound is generated from the likes of the early U2, and Echo & The Bunnymen, but Kilto Take have actually pulled it off where most of their contemporaries have pulled it down. They have a mature sound to them that belies the fact that this is their debut album. They have been selling out venues like the O2 Islington and The Cavern Club in Liverpool which is no mean feat. The band themselves comprise of Jonathan Crosby (vocals/guitar), Karl Grant (bass) and Lee Spavins (drums), and have already released a self-titled four-song EP in November 2010, of which the tracks ‘Retrogress’ and ‘Ava’ in their original versions are included on it. The first single to come from it was the wonderfully anthemic ‘Mimic’, the quality speaking for itself. If you get a chance have a peek at the clever official video for it, which is full of Unknown Pleasures’ quasar recordings being transposed into the band themselves. On the subject of anthems, that’s what this album is. It is filled with anthemic masterpieces, so much so that the whole album becomes an anthem itself. The nods to early U2 comes in as early as the first song and album title track ‘Resolute’ and in the forthcoming single 'Defection', which follows immediately afterwards. Each has an emotive chorus very reminiscent of early U2, and gives an immediate indication of exactly how good a guitarist and vocalist Crosby actually is. Spavins meanwhile adds a combination of skin bashing genius and raw power, and Grant fairly rumbles on bass. Another fine example of the contributions of all three is in the interaction between them all on ‘Prelude’, which appears about half way in and shows the technical proficiency of each member. As you run through the rest of the album you’ll start to notice the other influences shining through. Influences like Simple Minds and even hints of mid-life Billy Mackenzie and the Associates come sneaking in too , but also newer inspirations like Bloc Party. Tracks like ‘Retrogress’, although just as gorgeously anthemic, offer a slightly different direction and sound like an upbeat Muse. The other thing about it is its production quality. This is no cheap thing to stick on when you want a few tracks to shuffle on your iPod while you’re peeling the spuds. Produced by Ru Cook, the guy responsible for Everything Everything and who has a whole plethora of experience in the background shaping things, trust me you’ll be peeling more than spuds to this.

Track Listing:-
1 Resolute
2 Defection
3 Atonement
4 Prelude
5 Killing Fields
6 Fallen
7 Mimic
8 Retrogress
9 Ava
10 Inertia

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