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Teitur - Story Music

  by Dixie Ernill

published: 19 / 11 / 2013

Teitur - Story Music
Label: Arlo and Betty Recordings
Format: CD


Reflective and imaginative latest album from talented Faroe Islands-based musician, singer-songwriter and producer, Teitur

I remember sitting in my car on a supermarket car park on a cold and wet December afternoon, just as it was going dark and the shoppers were leaving for home. I was tired and my lover was 10,000 miles away. I didn’t want to go home. I had in my hand a promo CD by Teitur who I knew nothing about, but had gambled 50p on in a bargain bin earlier in the day. I put the CD on and the music just fitted the moment perfectly and I sat there for the full duration, only starting the engine up as the first song started again. That was four years ago, and it still seems incredibly vivid and important somehow. I now know that Teitur is an extremely talented one man music maker from the Faroe Islands and ‘Story Music’ is his current long player, his second since the ‘All My Mistakes’ compilation that I heard back in 2009. He is one part Jens Lekman, such are the often obtuse but richly textured nature of his lyrical themes; one part Ben Cohen, such are the tender tones of his voice, and one part long distance love affair, such is the way his words wrap round his warm melodies so effortlessly. ‘Hopeful’ and ‘It’s Not Funny Anymore’ bring a whole host of emotions rushing back, while the innocence of ‘Indie Girl’ and ‘Antonio and His Mobile Phones’ bring a smile. The clever stop start aspect to ‘If You Wait’ is ultimately as rewarding as the title suggests, but the eerie ‘Walking Up A Hill’, that rounds off the album, could easily be a lost outtake from ‘The Wickerman’ soundtrack. Far too good for any bargain bin and ideal for those long winter nights as darkness closes in and the world seems lost.

Track Listing:-
1 Hopeful
2 If You Wait
3 Antonio and His Mobile Phones
4 Rock and Roll Band
5 Hard Work
6 It's Not Funny Anymore
7 Monday
8 Indie Girl
9 Gone Fishing
10 Walking Up a Hill

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