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Allysen Callery - Mumblin' Sue

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 14 / 11 / 2013

Allysen Callery - Mumblin' Sue
Label: Jellyfant Records
Format: CD


Fantastic acoustic folk on third album from Rhode Island-based vocalist and guitarist, Allysen Callery

Perhaps John Fahey's illicit offspring, Allysen Callery strikes a chord with you with her guitar-playing, and, behold, she's a soft spoken and pure singer too. When her fingers slide down to construct chords, chills run down one's spine. Exquisite snare picking provides the backbone to 'Mumblin' Sue'. Graced with a stupendously clear timbre which evokes memories of Sandy Denny, her vocals and her guitar playing are equally stunning. A modest set of only ten songs, 'Mumblin' Sue' has a dark side to it too. The love torn folk songs just about stay afloat, prevailing one from drowning in misery. That is not to say that 'Mumblin' Sue' is exclusively about misfortune in love. It is an album not so much about the punches you throw but how many you can take. Sentiments of the fighting kind help this blunt, brash and bright folk LP. Allysen Callery is a national treasure in the making. With fresh fragility her LP tiptoes on trodden paths, while her toenails bring new life to them. "Sometimes you can't reach me" is a line from 'In the Ring', in which Allysen Callery gives away that she has a background in boxing, which makes her even more forlornly intriguing. One would be hard-fetched to ever find a singer with a voice as clear as hers. ‘Mumblin’ Sue’ not only reveals a brilliant voice over an excellent set of songs, but it also shows the best of emotions.

Track Listing:-
1 In Your Hollow
2 I Had a Lover I Thought Was My O
3 Spare Parts
4 Lily of the Valley
5 Highway Gone
6 My Carolina
7 Long Black Veil
8 In the Ring
9 Your Minnesota Sunrise
10 Your Skin Does Not Lie

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