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Wiretree - Get Up

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 7 / 10 / 2013

Wiretree - Get Up
Label: Cobaltworks
Format: CD


Elegant and uplifting Americana on fourth album from Austin, Texas-based group, Wiretree

This middle-of-the-road collection of Americana begins pleasantly enough with the opening title track. Continuing with equally laconic yet simple dry wit, the songs maintain an uplifting feel. Striking is what Wiretree's style cannot be called, but I grant the band their choice of a non-traffic jam type of production. Rather elegantly, vocals, guitars, the drums and bass were mixed down to near perfect harmony. So, 'Get Up' will sound feeble on the car stereo, but sooner suits veranda listening. The first weak track only comes in at number 8 with 'In the City', which hardly knowing head from tail, is both agile and fragile and stumbles through to the end. 'To the Moon', however, initially appears to make up for the minor drop in the overall quality of 'Get Up'. With its twangy guitar licks, 'Get Up' owes much to 1970's country rock as well, and 'To the Moon' features a bombastic guitar solo, which thankfully is cut short before stadium rock tedium can set in. The slightly esoteric 'When You Were Young' returns to Wiretree's jangling but subdued euphoria. Evidently traditional whilst clearly affectionate, these ten songs should get a B minus entry into the 'Trouser Press' survey. Archetypical American.

Track Listing:-
1 Get Up
2 Marching Band
3 Out of My Mind
4 Easychair
5 So Bold
6 Doctor
7 Take Us Away
8 In the City (Rail)
9 To the Moon
10 When You Were Young

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