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Bruno Bavota - La casa sulla Luna

  by Lisa Torem

published: 17 / 9 / 2013

Bruno Bavota - La casa sulla Luna
Label: Lizard Records
Format: CD


Evocative instrumental second album from Bologna-based composer and pianist, Bruno Bavota

After recording his highly-acclaimed debut album 'Il pozzod'amor" (The well of love), Bruno Bavota returns with ten more original piano-based compositions. He has been compared to Ludovico Einaudi, but his work also celebrates French classical work, such as that of Eric Satie in his Gymnopedies series. The track are consistently melody-driven and the third, 'Il dito si muove sul vetro appannato' is quite memorable as it was inspired by American actor Sean Penn. The title, which means, "The finger moves on the misty glass" does encapsulate the poetic nature of this lovely melody. Layered tastefully, a torrid love affair develops between the piano and strings, which makes this composition haunting and unique. The fourth track 'C'e' un cinema laggiu' also moves along quite delicately; the enticing, tranquil melody is executed haltingly to create an abbreviated sense of suspense. Part of Bavota's genius is his ability to create full-strength melodies without wasting time. As well, he goes from light to dark timbre effortlessly. As we move along, Bavota treats us to several more lilting and beautifully structured compositions, featuring heartfelt call and responses between piano and strings. 'Cielo blu notte' moves along at a snail's pace, initially, whilst an aching bass floats above. Lovely ornamentation is also a hallmark. One of the most simple, yet effective and evocative tracks, with the most distinguished hook is 'Il sole di Domenica.' 'Arriverderci signora Luna' has a fairy-tale warmth and music box precision. The finale 'Ghosttrack' is a bit predictable after all the bravado in the earlier tracks, but as a whole, 'La casa sulla Luna" is a stunning album.

Track Listing:-
1 Amour
2 L'uomo che rubò la Luna
3 Il dito si muove sul vetro appannato
4 C'è un cinema laggiù
5 Seguimi, amore
6 Buongiorno, buonanotte
7 Cielo blu notte
8 Il sole di Domenica
9 Arrivederci signora Luna

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