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Savages - Silence Yourself

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 10 / 6 / 2013

Savages - Silence Yourself
Label: Matador Records
Format: CD


Stunning debut album from heavily acclaimed all-female post-punk four-piece, Savages

Savages are a London-based all-female group, which is fronted by French Singer Jehnny Beth, who is assisted by Fay Milton on drums, Gemma Thompson on guitar and Ayse Hassan on bass. The band to date have only previously released two singles, but there is already a lot of hype about them. They at their very heart a post-punk band. This is a group that are an art to themselves and do take themselves very seriously, to the point of giving the select few that do interview them a very hard time if they bother to say anything at all. Their music has an edge that includes elements of early U2 and the Bunnymen, Patti Smith and Siouxsie and the Banshees. 'Shut Up' opens the album and has huge, loud Stranglers-style bass, Patti Smith/Siouxsie vocals and Edge-style guitar. 'I Am Here', which was previously releaased as a live track, makes it debut in recorded form, and is better on record, a Siouxsie-style howl over possibly the best rhythm section since Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke. The guitar here is reminiscent of Echo & The Bunnymen's Will Sergeant. 'City's Full' is even more intense and full-on, with heavy Banshees punky vibes before they went all pop on us. 'Strife' is like a progressive Bunnymen with its deep beats. The guitar sings on top while the bass and drums weave together underneath. 'Waiting For a Sign' is like a moody Doors number, and 'Dead Nature' like a Gothic horror soundtrack. 'She Will' again recalls the Bunnymen, while its vocals are the best side of Patti Smith. 'No Face' is a pogoing new waver, and 'Hit Me' like a fast Ramones number. 'Husbands', their debut single, is a re-write of Patti Smith's 'Horses' for the new century. 'Marshal Dear' ends the album in an unexpected manner. Based on piano and bass with a clarinet solo, it shows Savages are more than just post punk wannabies. A stunning debut.

Track Listing:-
1 Shut Up
2 I Am Here
3 City's Full
4 Strife
5 Waiting For A Sign
6 Dead Nature
7 She Will
8 No Face
9 Hit Me
10 Husbands
11 Marshal Dear

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