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Shotgun Jimmie - Everything Everything

  by Mark Rowland

published: 11 / 4 / 2013

Shotgun Jimmie - Everything Everything
Label: You've Changed Records
Format: CD


Ramshackle, but catchy and endearing seventh solo album from Canadian musician, Shotgun Jimmie

Shotgun Jimmie (not his real name), was once in Shotgun & Jaybird, who were essentially Yukon, Canada’s answer to Pavement (featuring Julie Doiron on bass). Since that band split up in 2007, Jimmie – aka Jim Kilpatrick – has put out six albums, with his last, 2011’s 'Transistor Sister', gaining wider praise, receiving a Polaris Music Prize nomination. 'Everything Everything' is Shotgun Jimmie’s follow up to 'Transistor Sister', on which he rattles through sixteen songs with barely a breather. Only four tracks clock in at over three minutes, and of the rest, the majority are less than two minutes long. There’s certainly a Pavement-like ramshackle quality to Shotgun Jimmie’s music; on occasion, his vocal inflection even brings to mind that band’s Stephen Malkmus. But Kilpatrick’s music songwriting perhaps has more in common with Buddy Holly and early Beach Boys; short, simple and very catchy. As I am a huge fan of Pavement, Kilpatrick’s indie slackness cannot help but be endearing. That won’t be the case for everyone, but for those that like this sort of thing, ‘Everything Everything’ is a consistent little indie rock nugget.

Track Listing:-
1 Standing In A Line
2 Big Sur
3 Growing Like A Garden
4 Adventure In The Heart
5 Last Night
6 Carry On
7 Sum Of My Parts
8 3212
9 Ladyhawk
10 North!
11 Skype Date
12 Bridge Street Stage
13 Over A Million
14 Proud Champions
15 I Will Climb Mountains
16 Everything, Everything

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