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Melodium - Kansva Work

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 11 / 3 / 2013

Melodium - Kansva Work
Label: Abandon Building
Format: CD


Familiar, but lighthearted-sounding latest album from Melodica, the project of French musician and composer Laurent Girard

Often mastering the minimal and the melodical in 90 seconds on average, Melodium has released many fine albums. Perhaps his most snowy, rainy, erm, Scandinavian work to date, Melodium's 'Kansva Work' includes sparse melody try-outs which splash with his mellotronica. I think the album title should be understood as 'Dolihay Works' or 'Cavation Work', and many a track sounds like a dyslexic variation of some Melodium's mightiest melodies. Not exactly as alternate versions of other recent releases, many parts sound familiar. On 'Hypotenuse' Melodium, who is also known as Laurent Girard, does a mash-up from a sampled breath and a sneeze. It is a variation on one of his earlier works, but he is having fun toying around. It does sound like a summer holiday that got washed out. These are lighthearted miniatures with a folky touch to them.

Track Listing:-
1 Abscissa
2 Bidual
3 Collinear
4 Dimensions
5 Euclidean
6 Fibonacci
7 Googol
8 Hypotenuse
9 Iota
10 Lemma
11 Midpoint
12 Clanique
13 Nonreal

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