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Derek Piotr - Raj

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 27 / 2 / 2013

Derek Piotr - Raj
Label: Derek Piotr
Format: CD


Incosistent, but undefinably beautiful third album from American experimental electronic musician, Derek Piotr

Although he is still quite young of age, 'Raj' is already Derek Piotr's third album. Beat driven, complex and articulate, 'Raj' shifts between composition and pattern, yet is never conclusive. Which is exactly the appeal of this half hour of mystery electronica. Ten tracks, all dwelling in a magnetic field notion of predominantly grim despair, are assembled together on this 30+ minute CD. One way of looking at matters here would be by seeing the compact disc format. 'Raj' seem outdated as a CD collection of tracks, but alternatively it has nothing offer to the vinyl junkies. Derek Piotr's album reflects a stage in development. Clinically restraint electro beats, building the tension, stand at the crossroads, not knowing where next to turn to. An abundance of undefined beauty is present here though. Hazardless, wholesome and unworldly intrigue.

Track Listing:-
1 Spine
2 Amendola
3 Grave
4 Karakum
5 Defilada (Clubhook)
6 Hutan
7 Deforester
8 Open
9 Sand Defacing All Surfaces
10 Flow Through Light

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