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Terry Emm - Gently

  by Harry Sherriff

published: 12 / 1 / 2013

Terry Emm - Gently
Label: Longman Records
Format: CDS


Uninspiring single from Bedfordshire-based singer-songwriter and guitarist, Terry Emm

Terry Emm’s ‘Gently’ is music to fall asleep to. I feel harsh judging an artist’s credibility on two songs but ‘Gently’, the single off the EP is very dull and too long. The B-side which I hesitated to even play is worse. I can’t work out if Gently is meant to be a Christmas song or not which can only be a bad thing. The repetition of the line “when Christmas lights are in the trees…” would suggest it is. Two songs doe not make an EP and I am surprised this has been released in general. Emm after all released an album earlier this year. I don’t understand this being release worthy. My last criticism isn’t from me but a musician friend, when on saying seeing the cover to Emm’s Gently said, “That’s an awful record sleeve; it looks like a box of tissues”, to which I replied, “Well it looks like it sounds then”. I’m not a fan of folk but Emm has a nice voice and I do like his philosophy on catchy melodies and simple lyrics. This EP didn’t register at all. I wouldn’t say no to hearing his latest album ‘Petals Fallen Off the Sun’ but I can’t imagine getting to the end of it.

Track Listing:-
1 Gently

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