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Wild Swim - Echo

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 15 / 11 / 2012

Wild Swim - Echo
Label: Believe Recordings
Format: CD


Fantastic debut EP from teenage Oxford-based five-piece electronic band, Wild Swim

Hailing from Oxford are a new outfit by the name of Wild Swim. You really have to bear in mind here that this bunch of spirited musicians are hovering around the tender ages of their late teens. Frighteningly young one feels to have generated a debut EP release of this quality. There can only be one direction these boys are heading. If I have one criticism, and it is only one, it is that I instantly was reminded of the Wild Beasts during the opening few bars. It is very close to the Lake District lads vocally, but it does, however become Wild Swim’s own about halfway through. But don't get me wrong, this works, and works well. It probably sounds so good due to the length of time these lads have been working musically together. They have been playing together ince the age of 13. Richard Sansom (vocals), Jamie Jay (guitar/keyboards), Carlos Posada (guitar/keyboards), Jacob Lively (bass) and Sam Robinson (drums) are a must see live too apparently from all the rave reviews they are picking up from all sources. There are two other mixes of ‘Echo’ on here, a radio edit and a great piece of craft from Cubiq which just so happens to be Jay and Posada's side project. Talent is not in short supply it seems. The extra track, ‘Bright Eyes’, is a synth dreamer of once again great quality. Comparisons again can be drawn to the Wild Beasts . It is a slightly darker piece, but it does have, however ,the lyrics embedded in it of "We are fortunate/Fortunate and good enough." Indeed you are, chaps. Good enough to move quite rapidly me thinks onward and upwards.

Track Listing:-
1 Echo
2 Bright Eyes
3 Echo (Cubiq's Narcissistic Remix)

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