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Yes Sir Boss - Desperation State

  by Lisa Torem

published: 30 / 10 / 2012

Yes Sir Boss - Desperation State
Label: Membran
Format: CD


Stunning debut album from exuberant Bristol-based sextet Yes Sir Boss, who are the first band to sign to Joss Stone's Ston'd label

The members of Bristol’s Yes Sir Boss are loaded with talent: Matt Sellors, on lead vocals, bassist Josh Stopford, guitarist Luke Potter, drummer Reuben Nimmo, trumpete, Tom Lad and saxophonist Jehan Abdel-Malak. Their style is so diverse that it’s impossible to pin them down, which is one reason they are such an exciting sextet and maybe the reason singer Joss Stone chose them to be the first band signed to her label. They have performed at Glastonbury and Bestival and have appeared on Radio 1. They successfully toured the UK in the fall, and now after receiving favourable reviews for their EP ‘Desperation State,’ they’ve come up with a full album of tthe same name which showcases their collective talents. The title song, ‘Desperation State’, with its rousing chorus of “Rise and shine/Oh, we’re reaching desperation state” perfectly sets up the other ten tracks, laying out the formula that these six college buddies have so intelligently fused. ‘Not Guilty’ is a curious amalgam of reggae, reeds and searing vocal conviction; a wildly, rhythmic rant, accompanied by bludgeoning orchestral stabs. ‘Pretty Things’ has some pretty spectacular melodic twists and spine-tingling turns, and it features a funky guitar solo and catchy New Orleans style horns. The heartfelt ballad ‘Mr. Happy’ features Matt Sellors’ robust vocal inflections and very intimate lyrics: “Drinking to forget/Feels like I’m drowning,” “I was born two weeks late/I’ve been catching up ever since,” and some incredible horn lines. ‘My My’ draws you close with phrases that conjure up stark loneliness and an evocative seething. There is just a bright trickle of keys and a steady siege of rhythmic guitar to back up the imagery, but fasten your seatbelts for a spectacular grand finale. ‘Till You Get Yours,’ is bold, even brassier and a veritable gyrating mechanism. The rich vocal harmonies embellish Sellors’ vengeful retort. ‘Na Na Ooh’ is truly original, and bordering on wacky; enthralling rhythms and carnival sounds make it a true one-off. ‘Mrs. # 1’ features a dynamic duet between Matthew Sellors and Joss Stone. Expect Stone’s commanding, fever-pitched performance, which is, here, heightened by the energy she and Sellors broadcast. ‘Lose No More,’ waxes eloquent: “So don’t wait long/your shadows will creak the floorboards/only your stories will live on.” There is a stunning honesty to this closer as well as an overall entertaining quotient to this album that is unforgettable.

Track Listing:-
1 Desperation State
2 The Situation
3 Not Guilty
4 Pretty Thing
5 Mr Happy
6 Never Know
7 My My
8 Till You Get Yours
9 Na Na Ooh
10 Mrs #1 (feat. Joss Stone)
11 Lose No More

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