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Dollboy - Further Excursions into the Ulu

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 30 / 9 / 2012

Dollboy - Further Excursions into the Ulu
Label: Kooky Records
Format: CD


Eclectic and abundant-sounding latest album from Dollboy, the folkelectronica project of ex-Hefner member Jack Hayter

Sweet and tender, as might be expected from Dollboy, his further excursions lead into his one and only wonderland, 'Ulu'. It is ae land in which people speak softly and probably dance naked whilst worshipping rain and sunshine. The album has a great 1970's touch to it. Think 10CC, but most likely Dollboy is the first one to rhyme 'Victorian ladies' with 'Hades', king of the underworld. A downbeat, almost lounge sound accompanies Dollboy through 'Ulu' and backs up his wanderings. The music ultimately develops an abundant sound. The cheeky and subtle hooks of 'Friendly Borders' almost makes you want to become friends with all of France. Great banjo playing takes over next and Dollboy is on a roll now. As if in a perfumed garden, the music evolves into one happy harmony. 'Further Excursions into the Ulu' is a long way away from the music Dollboy a.k.a. Jack Hayter has done previously. It is more accomplished on a first hearing, more natural the next.

Track Listing:-
1 All Of The Stars Part 1
2 7 Again Or Dust
3 Alice In Clearwater
4 Helicopter_Microbes
5 The Ventriloquist
6 Love Your Mother
7 Arctic Winter
8 Friendly Borders
9 No Trubba!
10 A Golden Age
11 Sun Will Rise
12 All Of The Stars Part 2

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