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Buildings - Melt Cry Sleep

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 29 / 9 / 2012

Buildings - Melt Cry Sleep
Label: Double Plus Good
Format: CD


Deafening and abrasive second album from Minneapolis-based punk group, Buildings

Double plus is Orwellian '1984' speak for very good and the Spartan post punk rock coming from Buildings sounds very much like metropolitan urban anxiety, performed as loud as is acoustically possible. Steve Albini fans should pitch their ears as Buildings produce a great racket of noise. 'Melt Cry Sleep' thumps the listener left, right and centre. 'Born on a Bomb' examplifies this feeling, as does 'Wrong Cock'. Probably filed under 'emo', the album, however, goes a little bit further. The anger and anxiety are overwhelming, and if you're listening over the headphones you'll end up with a ringing in your ears. Buildings create havoc, combining humping bass lines with thunderous guitar battles. What's more to be liked when you want to go deaf? "Melt Cry Sleep' should get approved by the Steve Albini Appreciation Society ASAP.

Track Listing:-
1 Rainboat
2 Born On a Bomb
3 Invocation
4 Noxema Gurl
5 I Don't Love My Dog Anymore
6 Mishaped Head
7 Strange Sleep
8 Night Cop
9 Wrong Cock
10 Crystal City

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