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Mozambique Courier - Outergalactic Love Crimes

  by Richard Lewis

published: 16 / 8 / 2012

Mozambique Courier  - Outergalactic Love Crimes
Label: TAV-East
Format: Tape


Compact, compelling debut offering from the mysterious Mozambique Courier, which is being released exclusively on cassette

Mozambique Courier's debut offering ‘Outergalactic Love Crimes’ is a vocal-free synth n’ software mini-album currently available on YouTube prior to its release exclusively on cassette later in the year. Rumoured to be the side project of a LA based solo artist operating under a non-de-plume, the collection of lo-fi Herbie Hancock/mid eighties Prince mash-ups impatiently jump-cut into the next track, the audio equivalent of channel-hopping the most generous multi-channel platform digital TV can offer. Taking in synth-pop, industrial, ambient and electro-funk at an accelerated gallop, the collection acts as a sonic buffet as each bite-size morsel quickly gives way to another. Bathed in warm analogue tape hiss, the brace of tunes take on their own lopsided rhythm as it progresses, creating the effect of punching through a bunch of foreign radio stations at high speed. Clocking in at a breathless 28 minutes, the album is imbued with a generous quota of melodic hooks and a playful sense of invention that when reaching the conclusion makes the listener instantly want to flip the tape back over to the beginning of Side A. Listen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6HpQieGcRE

Track Listing:-
1 Outergalactic Love Crime #1
2 Hydrate
3 I Love Pin-Ups
4 Sunbathing
5 Anrksn
6 Lemon Zest
7 Virtual Lover
8 Blueberry Jam
9 Nipples
10 Hotrox
11 Electric EYes Turn Me on
12 Tape Race

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