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William Alfred Sergeant - Things Inside

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 9 / 8 / 2012

William Alfred Sergeant - Things Inside
Label: 92 Happy Customers
Format: CD


Evocative and acoustic third album, the first to be credited under his real name, for Echo and the Bunnymen guitarist, Will Sergeant

This third solo album by Will Sergeant is credited under Will's real name, while his previous solo albums, both of which came out on the Ochre label, have been released under the monikers B.O.M. and Glide. 'Things Inside' is his most commercial sounding ever release. His previous releases focused on his more oddball psychedelic edges which make his regular group Echo and the Bunnymen the exciting band they are. 'Things Inside'has come out on Will's own label 92 Happy Customers, which was previously used back in the early 1980s for the launch into the world of Strawberry Switchblade. It also sees Will rejoined by former Bunnymen bassist and now bassist for the Wild Swans, Les Pattinson. They have also just formed a new band together. The album has been recorded through PledgeMusic, and, although both Will and Bunnymen front man Ian McCulloch, are doing PledgeMusic albums, and in fact Mac is doing two, Will's is out while Mac's is still being delayed annoying the Bunnymen hardcore no end, so there is no difference there then. Will's album is acoustic. There are no psychedelic oddball rhythms here but it flows easily on the ears. 'Into the Seventies' kicks the album off, and was not what I expected at all from Will. It is gentle and soft, light and fluffy, and played very gently with some added harpischord instead of mean killer lead guitar hooks. 'Graculas' is even more magical, sounding more like the Bunnymen but stripped down to the bone, Will and Les still have that perfect marriage between guitar and bass, and both their instruments melt well with each other. 'Circles' has a swaggering sound as its acoustic guitars jangle from one speaker to the other, making it a pleasant surprise especially through headphones. 'Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic' is eerie in tone, and like a film soundtrack. Will's experimental nature shines through her, and it is as creepy as seeing 'Eraserhead' for the first time, never having seen a David Lynch number. 'Toy Piano Mantra' is almost medieval in sound, and beautifully arranged and played. 'Dragonflies' is again odd, sounding like as if it is on a loop, and is another soundtrack number, with odd patterns slipping in and out of it. 'Extinction' is elegant and lush and backed by strings and brass, 'Eastern Bells' may be acoustic but it very dark indeed. It ends with an uncredited number consisting of birdsong. A perfect album from Will.

Track Listing:-
1 Into The Seventies
2 Graculas
3 Circles
4 Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic
5 Raga
6 Toy Piano Mantra
7 Dragonflies
8 Extinction
9 Eastern Bells
10 Untitled

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