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Lightships - Electric Cables

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 2 / 5 / 2012

Lightships - Electric Cables
Label: Geographic
Format: CD


Uplifting debut solo album from Lightships, the solo project of former Teenage Fanclub member Gerard Lobe

Lightships is the solo vehicle for former Teenage Fanclub member Gerard Love. If you are, or were a fan of Teenage Fanclub, then you are more than likely a) Already aware of this, b) Already have this, c) Just about to go and listen to this, or d) Living under a rock because Teenage Fanclub lovers are often pretty obsessive and up on this sort of thing. If you are not aware or not a lover of Teenage Fanclub you either a) Have no soul, B) Have no taste or c) Have never heard of them. If you fall under category ‘C’, then you are forgiven and granted the next seven hours to go and find out all the Teenage Fanclub albums, get acquainted and come back and read the rest. Ok, back? Up to speed, good. Also, if you happened to be ’A’ or ’B’ then I’d leave right now as you’ll definitely not like Lightships. As I’ve tried to point out in an overly elaborate way, this is brilliant follow up to Love's work with his former band. Gentle, melodic at every single point, gorgeous, uplifting and just lush throughout, this is everything you’d expect. Sometimes I realise that getting exactly what you expect from something is not necessarily what you’d want, but I think in this case it is just that. Tunes like ‘Silver and Gold’ are up there with the best of Teenage Fanclub and are just life defining. Lightships is the sort of sound that makes things that much better, the world brighter and just generally a better place to be. I don’t think there’s a lot around at the minute, so personally I find it a pleasure to be able to write about something like this in the context of it being new, not just harking back to past glories and rose tinting the rear mirror. I really couldn’t do this the justice it deserves other than to encourage those already into Teenage Fanclub to go and have a listen. For the rest of you, you are in for such a treat.

Track Listing:-
1 Two Lines
2 Muddy Rivers
3 Sweetness In Her Spark
4 Every Blossom
5 Silver And Gold
6 The Warmth Of The Sun
7 Girasol
8 Stretching Out
9 Photosynthesis
10 Sunlight To The Dawn

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