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Mashemon - Kompressor EP

  by Richard Lewis

published: 21 / 4 / 2012

Mashemon - Kompressor EP
Label: Death Tax Trouble Recordings
Format: CDS


Superb, swaggering electro-glam rock from Liverpool-based three-piece Mashemon

On their new EP, their third in 18 months, electro-glam rock three piece Mashemon put greater emphasis on the avant electronica that was always present in their work, this time allowing it to bubble to the surface. Opening the quartet of tracks with the title cut, ‘Kompressor’ pulls off the feat of building an entire song around only eight lines of lyrics, barrelling along on a filthy Jean-Jacques Burnel bassline. The forensic detail in the band’s production only becomes apparent after several listens. The secondary rhythm track of a phone being hung up and its dial tone ringing out grows in prominence with each play. The trio’s meshing of stomping glam rock with the gnarlier bits of early electronica (Throbbing Gristle, Suicide) surfaces on ‘Suburban Regeneration Project’. Piloted by pounding drums and unison bass-guitar riffage, the lyrics detail the pernicious modern obsession with ripping down perfectly good housing, only to make way for worse. "Take the copper/Take the lead/Peel the paper from the walls with your bloody finger tips." Up next, the highlight of the set, the lyrically stunning ‘Frank Bloke’ ebbs along on wispy ambient noises and Jah Wobble basslines, juxtaposing its ostensibly pretty music with lyrics about a malevolent n’er do well reminiscent of Begbie from 'Trainspotting'. Gradually building as it progresses, it bursts open in the last minute with the arrival of a vicious guitar assault like the protagonist violently kicking someone who has accidentally knocked over his pint/looked at his bird. The most radical departure ‘Wear and Replace’ is saved for last, constructed around a framework of drifting 'Kid A' style ambience and a resigned vocal performance. Talking of having to "make the most of mostly nothing", the narrator wearily concludes that "there are spaces in the gulags." The most eclectic release from the trio thus far, Mashemon’s songcraft seemingly grows stronger with each new disc in line with the increasing number of genres they choose to dabble in.

Track Listing:-
1 Kompressor
2 Suburban Regeneration Project
3 Frank Bloke
4 Wear and Replace

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