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2L8 - New Battles, Without Honor and Humanity

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 2 / 4 / 2012

2L8 - New Battles, Without Honor and Humanity
Label: 2L8
Format: CD Box


Exquisite and beautifully packaged double CD and book on ecologically-themed album from Greek act, 2L8

Too Late, 2L8, is the project of Greek musician K The Clown, who is fond of anarchy. This album comes in a most stunning package though. The sophisticated anarcho-chic on the six by six inch hardpaper 2CD booklet makes this the ultimate item for both Record Store Day and Bookstore Day, provided there is the latter. Its music is also available on download for the price you think appropriate. The double CD booklet is available in specialist record stores and on-line. 2L8's previous albums are available from from their website and are hosted on a notorious file-sharing website. The web proves to be ever so more helpful. 'New Battles' is an epic album, "album" as in the truest sense of the word and which you can also perceive to be a handheld theatre play. Whilst using the internet, where on many platforms 2L8 has its presence, it becomes a multimedia experience. Like rhetoric goth perhaps, the lyrics, however, read like pamphlets, in order to respect humanity and ecology. The wording is straight and simple in its striving for a better world. Yet then in the music the greatest surprise comes as it is a wealth of melodic rock music that is not shy of rockabilly riffs and which also adds a teaspoon of glitter rock. Exquisite and elaborate, the two discs 'Sunlight' and 'Moonlight' feature many rock songs of unprecedently known non-English quality, bar the bands from Sweden and its neighbouring regions of course. Above all, 2L8 only uses those words whose implications they understand. In a sense 2L8 is the Mediterranean answer to REM and is a Greek original.

Track Listing:-
1 The Agenda
2 The Balkan Nigger
3 Innocent Smile
4 Let It Go
5 The Bordeline
6 Interlude
7 It's Strange, But What Isn't Strange
8 Strange Too
9 Radiance
10 Fight
11 The Will to Live
12 To Calm Our Brothers Fears
13 Respect the Brightness of Our Souls
14 Fading
15 Velvet
16 The Seeker
17 Greatness Falls
18 Understanding of Standing Under the Same Cloud
19 A Monent!!!
20 Lover
21 Silence
22 Healing Song
23 Lost Pictures
24 Sleepless
25 Don't Follow Me
26 Xxx
27 Love Is Gone
28 Circle the Pencil Mr Ink
29 The Forgotten Dolls Choose to Die
30 Close Your Eyes When Orbiting New Planets
31 I Got Nothing
32 An Ancient Voice

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Armed Angels, Frustrated Youth, The Art Of Self Deceit And Music Industry (2005)
Passionate and melodramatic symphonic emo rock from Greek rockers singing in English, 2L8

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