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Vinyl Floor - Peninsula

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 18 / 3 / 2012

Vinyl Floor - Peninsula
Label: Karmanian Records
Format: CD


Cliche-ridden and derivative debut album from Copehnagen-based band, Vinyl Floor

An album like this makes one extremely suspicious of conspiracies. Listening to 'Peninsula' may be a test, to exactly how far your toes can cringe. Cliché ridden to the tenth power, Vinyl Floor rather invite lawyers to discuss which riffs or choruses were stolen from whom. Beyond doubt, this must be one of the most unoriginal albums released in recent years and therefore deserves a place in history. The lyrics, on top of this all, are riddled with lines you've heard dozens and hundreds of times before. It is an album that is stupendously awful. Think the worst of Supertramp and Chas and Dave combined on the Benny Hill or the Linda McCartney New Age Records label.

Track Listing:-
1 Frames And Orchids
2 Ghost Of England
3 What Lies Ahead
4 Written In The Cards
5 Car In The Sky
6 Diverging Paths
7 Force You Through
8 In The Air
9 Baton Rouge
10 Dumbfounded
11 King Of Dystopia
12 Frozen Moon

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