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Zoft - Electrically Haunted

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 10 / 12 / 2011

Zoft - Electrically Haunted
Label: Humpty Dumpty Records
Format: CD


Exquisite sturdy post-rock metal on debut album from Brussels-based duo, Zofdt

As they say in Flemish, this album is definitely of 'de verkeerde kant'. The Zoft album starts off with the track called 'Exit', They present themselves at the odd end of post heavy metal music, and most defintely not as Soft but as Zoft. Zoft as they go about their titles using the French language, appear to be like Fantomas, the Mike Patton act, but only if he had lost his voice as 'Electronically Haunted' is all instrumental. The Zoft carousel of music, of post dark-metal, makes this blast of pondering exquisiteness quite a treat. Whilst a duo, Zoft come across as a trio, and turn the album title into a spooky question. Who or what ever was 'Electronically Haunted'? Their album offers a wealth of sturdy post-rock riffs. Far from spectacular though, Zoft do sound as if they've been handed free tickets to Eurodisneyland by the Magic Band Society of Captain Beefheart.

Track Listing:-
1 Exit
2 L'homme machine
3 Coil
4 Shramana
5 Mike Tapping
6 Mr Goodpain
7 Marque blanche
8 ..........
9 Hokkaido
10 Q.i. cuit
11 Tu t'énerves pas

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