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Franc Cinelli - Goodtimes Goodtimes

  by Andy Gardener

published: 12 / 10 / 2011

Franc Cinelli - Goodtimes Goodtimes
Label: Definition Arts
Format: CD


Precise, yet somewhat monotonous AOR from Italian-born, but London-based singer-songwriter Franc Cinelli, which has just been released in a deluxe edition

'Goodtimes Goodtimes' is the latest release from Italian-born Franc Cinelli, and is a departure from the Americana-folk material with which he has become associated. The deluxe edition features seven bonus tracks comprising acoustic versions of album tracks and a radio edit of his single, 'Fortune Teller Song'. The album opens with 'Point One', a mid-tempo, mainly acoustic rocker with great vocal harmonies on the chorus and a haunting harmonica introduction. 'Let it Begin' is a livelier number which kick starts the album with a burst of drums and electric guitar. The track is more upbeat than 'Point One', and is reminiscent of 'Full Moon Fever'-era Tom Petty. Once again the vocal harmonies on the chorus steal the show – they are perfectly arranged and precisely executed. The mood of the album changes yet again with 'Magic Hour', a slower electric number with prominent synth backgrounds and what sounds like a programmed drum loop. Single 'Fortune Teller Song'is, for me, the best song on the album. Cinelli lists his influences as including Bruce Springsteen and Dire Straits, and both can be heard on this track. Musically, Cinelli’s AOR influences are easily picked out throughout the album, but he manages to make each song sound fresh. There is a wide variety of styles on the album which ensures that the listener’s interest is maintained throughout the set. Vocally, Cinelli sounds not unlike a young Bob Dylan – there is a roughness to his voice, and although his range is limited he utilises it well within the scope of the material. The bonus material, I have to say, did very little for me. Listening to the album all the way through, with two versions of seven of the ten songs, became somewhat tedious and the alternative versions added nothing to the material. I found the album a little lightweight, and found myself struggling to connect with the material, partly due to the constant switching of styles. In terms of musical performance, Cinelli and his band play well throughout the album and his vocals, while not the best one will ever hear, suit the material. 'Goodtimes Goodtimes' failed to make much of an impression, positive or negative, upon me - I felt that there simply wasn’t enough invention to keep me entertained for the duration of the album. That said, it is a thoroughly inoffensive collection of songs from a talented singer-songwriter. Granted, it wasn’t to my taste, but I’m sure there will be many people out there to whom it will hold some appeal.

Track Listing:-
1 Point One
2 Let It Begin
3 Magic Hour
4 Love
5 Fortune Teller Song
6 Burn
7 Get Ready
8 By Your Side
9 Diamonds In The Sky
10 Sweet England
11 Fortune Teller Song (Radio Edit)
12 Get Ready
13 Burn
14 Magic Hour
15 Fortune Teller Song
16 Love
17 By Your Side

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