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David Lemaitre - Valediction

  by Andy Cassidy

published: 11 / 10 / 2011

David Lemaitre - Valediction
Label: Auf Die Platze
Format: CDS


Extraordinary debut EP from Bolivian singer-songwriter David Lemaitre which includes flamenco and classical music amongst its many influences

'Valediction' is a thoroughly curious and highly enjoyable piece of work. It is the first EP from Bolivian singer-songwriter David Lemaitre and its five tracks left me in a state of wonder. Opening track '6 Years' is a seemingly straightforward acoustic ballad, utilising a guitar and percussion loop to create a sound half-way between Elliot Smith and Boards of Canada. Lemaitre’s vocals glide effortlessly over the repetition of the backing track, creating a truly effective sonic landscape. He is assisted on the track by the fantastically named Phillipp the Orchestra on cello. There are so many influences in the piece, from a flamenco style percussive loop to a quasi-classical cello part. It is an intriguing start to an intriguing EP. 'The Incredible Airplane Party' opens with a bang, and sounds like a collaboration between MGMT and Panda Bear. The backing track is fantastically produced, with great percussion and fantastic instrumentation, and Lemaitre’s treated vocal interacts beautifully with flute trills, bells and great slabs of electronic texture. The introduction to 'Jacques Cousteau' channels the Beach Boys’ 'Cool, Cool Water', and brings in a funky bass-line and a tremendous double-tracked vocal which is completely untreated and wonderfully clear and precise. 'In Your Own Sweet Way' is more of a straightforward ballad with Lemaitre backed by acoustic guitar and minimal electronic effects and instrumentation. The relatively simple production again allows Lemaitre’s voice to shine – I was immediately reminded of Jeff Buckley’s vocals when I first heard this track. The EP closes with title track 'Valediction', another showcase for Lemaitre’s gentle balladry featuring a simple acoustic backing and yet another excellent vocal. To my mind, to close the disc on a relatively straightforward song was a big risk given the more ambitious productions featured earlier on the EP, but Lemaitre, by the sheer quality of his voice and material, carries it off with aplomb. This EP is the work of a modern day troubadour, a wonderfully inventive and incredibly talented singer-songwriter. If the five tracks on this EP are anything to go by, David Lemaitre is a name which I fully expect to hear a great deal of in the future. 'Valediction' is a truly first class EP – imaginative and beautifully performed: I want to hear more!

Track Listing:-
1 6 Years
2 The Incedible Airplane Party
3 Jacques Cousteau
4 In Your Own Sweet Way
5 Valediction

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