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Dubwiser - A Crack In Paradise

  by Daniel Cressey

published: 11 / 9 / 2011

Dubwiser - A Crack In Paradise
Label: Crack Records
Format: CD


Politically conscious, but somewhat indistinctive debut album from British reggae band, Dubwiser

Naming your band, albeit anagramatically, after one of America's most insipid exports does not bode well. But British musicians have long created sterling flavours out of diverse and seemingly disparate cultures, dating back way past the Clash's appearance in the Hammersmith Palais. 'A Crack In Paradise' sits squarely in old fashioned, socially conscious reggae mould. Aided by some sweet production values from Spider Johnson, the high vocals lilt peculiarly British tales over a throbbing bass. These range from the uplifting – if baffling – 'Ride Your Life Like a Bicycle' to the bleaker anti-police 'Bang Up'. Dubwiser are musically coherent enough that when vocal duties are handed over to guest rappers, as on the latter of these, it can initially jar. But with ventures into modern territory such as the driving beat on 'Power Up' these collaborative moments actually go far closer to coming off. When they are left more to their own devices, 'A Crack In Paradise' drifts along easily. But it never really establishes a distinctive taste of its own. That might have got their namesake beer far in the world, but Dubwiser could afford to keep throwing more ingredients into the pot.

Track Listing:-
1 Prophecy
2 Ride Your Life Like A Bicycle
3 Papa Is A Rudie (Skacid Mix)
4 Bang Up
5 Slowly
6 Power Up
7 Dubwiser Groove
8 Africa (1 Out Of 2)
9 Come Forward
10 Organic
11 Cool U Fire
12 A Ton On U Boombox
13 A Racist (Stays The Same)
14 Snake
15 U Cannot Rule (Remix)
16 Bye Bye

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