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Derek Piotr - Agora

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 23 / 7 / 2011

Derek Piotr - Agora
Label: Bitsquare
Format: CD


Industrial, yet compositional and melodic first album from American electro-acoustic artist, Derek Piotr

Derek Piotr is the moniker of an American electro-acoustic artist, and his second album brings together a white-wash of sounds, covering nearly all abberations in electronical music, and digitally recorded sounds such as repeated layers of what to you and me would be surface noise. A digital sound-smith, Derek Piotr draws in a bhangra type of dreamy electronica pop music on 'Overtaker'. On 'Focus' - pun intended - he squirms as if the pope is having his first orgasm, babbling perhaps some biblical recital. Most impressive indeed, the military backbeat to 'Focus' transforms into minimal beauty. The 'Agora' album hints at an urgency, diverse and splendid, as well as challenging and awkward. Using all the tricks in the trade, 'Agora' offers a myriad of doctored sounds; 'Remain' is an example of such, and a fine showcase of found recordings set to composition. Somehow, 'Agora' has been compared to the soundtrack of the 'Eraserhead' debut film of David Lynch. File under industrial, yet compositional and melodic.

Track Listing:-
1 Invoce
2 Overtaker
3 Flood Circuit
4 Scrape
5 From Whiteness
6 Focus
7 Behaviour State
8 Remain
9 Value System
10 Belief
11 Winter Consummation

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