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Karton - Find the Constant

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 30 / 6 / 2011

Karton - Find the Constant
Label: Sound of Habib
Format: CD


Monotonous and endless-sounding second album from Australian-based dance duo, Kartel

The only reason why I would prefer Australia to California is because the Aussies picked up drum 'n’ bass and dubstep well before their equally suncrazed counterparts did. This album format is very unkind to Karton. Karton just go on and on in a frenzy that you would only be able to understand when drunk or under the influence in some isolated place in Australia. My main objective to ‘Find the Constant’ is that it is music that seems to be 'designated' to please you, should you get stuck in a traffic jam, or even worse, forced to listen to music as awfully predictable as your latest iHeadache. If dance music should come knocking at my door, I most certainly would not want to find a constant. Like a dripping water crane, the stupidity of Karton drives you mad. Should this crap chart, it will only go to prove the sad state that our radio stations find themselves in. Ignore this pathetic album!

Track Listing:-
1 Bang
2 Girl With Vertigo
3 Terrible Machine
4 Chase It High (Prelude)
5 Chase It High
6 Tonight
7 We Come Divided
8 Feed The Horde
9 Nowhere Now
10 Hal's Lament
11 Seasons Reborn

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