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Aviv Geffen - Mr Down and Mrs High

  by Lisa Torem

published: 25 / 5 / 2011

Aviv Geffen - Mr Down and Mrs High
Label: Mars Records
Format: CDS


Excellent new EP from Israeli-born singer-songwriter and peace activist, Aviv Geffen, which has been co-produced by both Tony Visconti and Trevor Horn

Israeli singer-songwriter, Aviv Geffen, who released his first album in 1991, has just released a new EP, ‘Mr Down and Mrs. High'. Co-produced by Tony Visconti and Trevor Horn, the work features Geffen’s lo-fi vocals and thematic diversity. Horn claims that though he has worked with a lot of “so-called rebels,” Geffen is “the real rebel.” The performing artist has aligned himself with home-grown peace movements and was even present when then Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin appeared backstage, at a rally in which he had performed, ‘I Cry for You’ to more than 300,000 people, to congratulate him, and was shot that same day. Geffen, with his band Blackfield, has recently played to sold-out houses in the UK. His uncle was the military leader Moshe Dayan, and his father, Yehonatan Geffen, is considered one of Israel’s most iconic poets. His own childhood was influenced primarily by the hippie movement. Geffen has strong opinions regarding his role and influence as an artist and activist. He says, “music is a great tool. It’s far more deadly than tanks or airplanes.” The EP’s title song, ‘Mr Down and Mrs High’, reveals just a splash of minor-tinged changes and is a distinct mix of British and American pop. The guitar is gutsy, yet tasteful and supports his robust sound. ‘Highway’ is a more wistful number. ‘You’re strange, you didn’t change, at all,” he sings. As he continues singing, “I want to drive all night,” the guitar work becomes more expansive and contemporary. ‘Jerusalem’ is gripping and anthemic. It is awash in frank, pointed lyricism, yet sonically supported by the mellowest of vocals and gentle strums. It recalls the uplifting, passionate style of Peter, Paul and Mary; an earnest cry for peace, largely told through a story, but upheld by pleasing accompaniment. ‘When Summer Comes’ is the consummate love song. “Put on your flowered dress and let down your hair,” he recommends. “When the rain will come, we’ll try as hard as we could,” he continues. Endearing backing vocals make it the quintessential romantic ballad. ‘Mr Down and Mrs High’ is an excellent mix of lyrical depth and vocal and instrumental timbre. That said, I’m anxious to hear a longer album that takes into account Geffen’s expert skills.

Track Listing:-
1 Mr. Down & Mrs. High
2 Highway
3 Jerusalem
4 When Summer Comes

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