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Tall Ships - On Tarrifs and Discovery

  by Paul Waller

published: 29 / 1 / 2011

Tall Ships - On Tarrifs and Discovery
Label: Minority Records
Format: CD


Mellow-sounding new album from experimental and unwilling-to-be-pigeonholed San Diego-based group, the Tall Ships

Imagine my disappointment. There I was surfing the net one moment and discovering a new band called Tall Ships from Falmouth, who have this knack for writing the most angular catchy buzz tunes I’ve heard so far this year. And the next moment I receive an email from Pennyblackmusic asking if I’d like to review the album. HELL YES! I said. So far so good. When said CD arrived it wasn’t Tall Ships at all but another group altogether named THE TALL SHIPS from across the pond in San Diego. I wasn’t upset for too long though. It’s a pretty cool disc but the Tall Ships are a more mellow beast altogether. They still know their way around an angular rhythm or obtuse melody though; take the rather magnificent 'Sharks Teeth Under Glass' as a prime example of a band not willing to be pigeonholed. I haven’t heard such chaotic restraint since the likes of 'Casket Lottery' were kicking about 10 years ago. On the whole though this record is on the cusp of post rock with its half time beats and crashing chorus, not to mention great instrumentals such as the emotive 'Freight Train Riders Of America'. The only track that doesn’t do it for me is the Mineral-esque 'All New Lows'. It’s the one moment where the bands influences shine too brightly. It’s hardly a problem though when the likes of the choppy 'Oh Pioneer' crank out of my speakers. Tall Ships or the Tall Ships.... I just can’t decide between them so I’ll have them both thanks.

Track Listing:-
1 Call Confessions
2 Oh Pioneers
3 All New Lows
4 D For Dogs
5 Destroy A Village
6 Freight Train Riders Of America
7 Sharks Teeth Under Glass
8 Newborn Window

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