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Von Sleight - New Kraut

  by Andrew Carver

published: 16 / 1 / 2011

Von Sleight - New Kraut
Label: Fringe Biology Recordings
Format: CD


Eccentric, but satirically appealing krautrock-influenced fifth album from American band, Von Sleight

What we have here is a band that puts a picture of a jar of sauerkraut on the cover and gives songs titles like ‘Monkfish Head’, ‘Miles Davis in the MRI’ and ‘Patchouli Mob Uprising’. One might suspect them of not taking things entirely seriously. As the album title might indicate, the band has a a taste for the loose assembly of musicians dubbed krautrock, and it’s tempting to place them closest to audio pranksters Faust. The methodic, multilayered burble of the lead track - the aforementioned ‘Monkfish Head’ - seems like a warmup, while the digital decay and not-quite motorik drumming and deadpan vocals of ‘New Kraut’ aren’t exactly setting the ears of the world on fire, either. As the album progresses, the band’s somewhat half-assed aesthetic, however, begins to make sense - has the genre finally found it’s own Pavement or Half-Japanese? The sounds themselves - the echoing trumpet on ‘Patchouli Mob Uprising’ for example - have some appeal. The dead simple electronic noises of ‘Bipolar Dub’ also boast a childish charm, making an interesting counterpoint to the more sinister noise that chimes in partway. The keen-eared listener may also hear shades of Kraftwerk, Joy Division and Hawkwind’s more electronic sounds creeping along with the band’s fretless bass and artless drumming. Many will find the music of Von Sleight a bit stupid. That they might also find it entertaining is just one of its mysteries.

Track Listing:-
1 Monkfish Head
2 New Kraut
3 Patchouli Mob Uprising
4 Bipolar Dub
5 Cuyahoga Falls
6 Emergent Pneumatic Retinopexy
7 Miles Davis in the MRI
8 Sciatica

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