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Mark Sultan - $

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 14 / 11 / 2010

Mark Sultan - $
Label: Last Gang Records
Format: CD


Inventive restyling of garage rock, blues and doowop on second solo album from King Khan front man, Mark Sultan

Mark Sultan's second solo album,'$', combines everything that made garage rock so inspiring for the past 45 years. It draws inspiration from the blues and doowop as well. The doowop the way the Mothers of Invention used to play it as well, rather than the AM radio style. '$' delivers streamlined ramshackleness across thirteen excellent tracks. Glamrock is restyled on 'Status' and country rocking on 'Go Beserk'. There is no limit to its reinventing. Side 2 kicks off with the lovely ('History Has Drawn Us') 'Misery's Upon Us'. Next come a gritty rock'n roll lovecry, more eerie doowop and twisted country & western, all delivered in an amazingly natural and highly personal style. There is no sign of surf music on '$' but if you're into that you'll probably love still love that too. There is not a single weak track here. It is impressive, particularly since the types of music Sultan focuses on are already long established.

Track Listing:-
1 Icicles
2 Don't Look Back
3 Ten Of Hearts
4 Status
5 I Get Nothin From My Girl
6 Waiting For Me
7 Nobody But You
8 Go Berserk
9 Just To Hold You
10 Catastrophe
11 Misery's Upon Us
12 I Am The End

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