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Third Eye Foundation - The Dark

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 3 / 11 / 2010

Third Eye Foundation - The Dark
Label: ICI D'Ailleurs
Format: CD


Blistering and symphonic new album from the Third Eye Foundation, the project of Bristol-based musician Matt Elliot

A nocturnal soundsmith in mystic and dance crazed Bristol, the Third Eye Foundation has survived many vogueish trends. After a three album spell with Domino Records, the Third Eye Foundation has re-emerged with a five-piece set of tracks as the last part of a trilogy for the Ici D'ailleurs label in Nancy, France. This new album is consistent with his previous works. Building up to a crispily blistering sound cascade, 'The Dark' does exactly lead, as it should, to a splendid, orgasmic finale on 'If You Treat Us All Like Terrorists, We Will Become Terrorists'. The paths and patterns in sound, chosen on 'The Dark', lead to just a few new insights but its near symphonic arrangement make this album an often compelling listen. There is a religious touch, an almost hymn-like quality as well. 'Closure' could be funeral music. Dark? Yes, but gloomy and sinister it is not. It is not a surprise, but another confirmation of Matt Elliott's evident talent. Three to five thousand fans can't be wrong!

Track Listing:-
1 Anhedonia
2 Standard Deviation
3 Pareidolia
4 Closure
5 If You Treat Us All Like Terrorists We Will Become Terrorists

Have a Listen:-

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