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Cours Lapin - Cours Lapin

  by Paul Waller

published: 5 / 9 / 2010

Cours Lapin - Cours Lapin
Label: Fake Diamond Records
Format: CD


Luscious-sounding and atmospheric debut album from Cours Lapin, which is sung entirely in French and the group of four Danish film composers

Cours Lapin (loosely translated as Rabbit Run) are the rarest of treats for me. Call it arrogance if you will but I have never one been taken aback, let alone blown away by a foreign language album. The odd track here and there maybe but these four Danish film composers have broken down all the barriers that had been built up by myself over time. It’s a luscious listen; each time the album runs its course I feel I have been gouging on cakes. I get a sugar rush each time I swear it. The key for me isn’t just the vocals sung entirely in French (confusingly) by Louise Alenius. The alternate language is of course as sexy as hell but musically the band members' history in film scoring serves them ridiculously well. 'Blanc' has a summer fuelled breezy quality that lifts the song above the depths that the likes of 'Cache Cache 'bring you down to. Here the subtle spookiness is set to a 60’s flavoured jazz backing. I love the way the band jump from genre to genre without breaking the easy going flow of the record. Another stand out is the super slow 'Homme Contre Femme' which has a hint of the Cardigans about it, but the expertly plucked strings make it above mere comparisons with what has been before. Here the group expand on the past and add a splash of colour to a subject which has been dealt with in popular music in all languages many, many times before (the translation of the title being Man Versus Woman). It’s easy to see why Rough Trade made this their album of the week. It’s a truly unique album, full of passion and style and one I will listen to time and time again.

Track Listing:-
1 1.2.3
2 Cache Cache
3 Blanc
4 Homme Contre Femme
5 Cours Lapin
6 Les Son D' Un Escargot
7 Mes Larmes Secrètes
8 Ma Mélodie
9 Débutants
10 Le Jous Le Temps S' Arrêtte
11 La Fin

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