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Karton - All You Need

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 4 / 9 / 2010

Karton - All You Need
Label: Sounds of Habib
Format: CDS


Catchy, but uninspiring dance rock on latest single from Australian electronic duo, Karton

'All You Need' is the type of track that keeps ringing in your head, pushing one to press on when times get rough. It comes in three remixes, plus the original of course. The remixes are breezy, busy and bubbling and do not differ that much. Bubblegum was a way to describe top 40 stuff back in the days and that happy-go-lucky approach can very much be found on this release on Sounds of Habib. A Summer Anthem is what 'they' would call this. Perfect to get laid to on a Cyprus beach. Perfect for exceeding the speed limit on the M1 while listening to Annie Nightingale doing the early Sunday morning rooster. 'All You Need' rocks on the original track, dubsteps a little bit on the Mesmer remix, tears up the place on the Mars version and heads for a funky donkey rampage on the Angry Pony mix. There is nothing on here which could please the outrageously stylistic, yet is a very tasty platter nonetheless. Don't you just hate chartbound dance music. Crap techno or dubstep creeping up everywhere, unless you sweep the floor each morning. On to music we go though. Karton fills the void left by the demise of the Prodigy and you'll need to head on to the Mesmer remix first for a sign of originality. The next big instalment would need to be the Angry Pony remix with loose hoofs flying around the room. Either way, Karton does know how to throw a party.

Track Listing:-
1 All You Need (VIP Mix)
2 All You Need (Original Mix)
3 All You Need (Mesmer Remix)
4 All You Need (Mars Remix)
5 All You Need (Angry Pony Remix)

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